The Earth and all therein which God created is a magnificent gallery of art. What painting has ever captured the changing beauty of a sunset? What statue has ever captured the magnificence of a great whale? What photograph has ever truly defined the expanse of a rainforest? What drawing could ever reflect the majesty of a towering redwood?

Can you imagine a bulldozer ripping apart the Louvre? Can you imagine an airplane dropping napalm on the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Can you imagine blowing up the Prado? If someone defiled, destroyed, plundered, burned, or otherwise damaged the great art museums of the world, that person would be placed in the deepest dungeon and condemned by all peoples, yet God's Art Gallery is being bulldozed, burned, defiled, and destroyed by many of the very persons who call themselves patrons of art.

How evil to kill one of God's great whales in order to purchase a Van Gogh. How fiendish to destroy God's giant redwoods in order to purchase a Matisse. How senseless to wastefully plunder our planet's beauty in order to purchase a Picasso.

We must preserve and protect God's Art Gallery above all others. With proper stewardship it will live forever, and there will be assets for the protection of the great human art galleries. If God's Art Gallery is destroyed, then so shall follow the destruction of the Louvre, as well as all of her sister galleries, for life for humans shall become a hell on Earth.

Please help us stop the plunder of God's Art Gallery. Please become patrons of God's Creation and of God's great paintings, which sweep across the skies in the form of stars, and clouds; and sunrises and which sweep across the earth in the form of carpets of wildflowers and flocks of birds and the wings of butterflies.

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